'I am so grateful as I really needed this space'

'Uplifting and life affirming'

'Joining Childless Voices was the best decision I’ve made in a long time'

Childless Voices Welcomes You

Our voices are the soundtracks to our lives.

We each carry a story of many stories; we are a society within a society.

We hold inside of us, a music and a knowledge for the world to hear.

'Warm encouraging teacher & a great advocate for people who are childless not by choice'

'I have never sung previously, Helen has been patient and inspiring in helping me to find my voice'

Childless Voices has created a space to sing and connect. If you are involuntarily childless for any reason at all and would to find out more.Please email us at info@childlessvoiceschoir.com

Singing gave me a connection with myself. 

My voice was mine and mine alone, something no one could take from me.

I'm Helen Louise Jones, a singer from London and I am involuntarily childless. For over 25 years my voice has supported me in so many ways. 

“We are often silent about things that matter the most to us.

The vibrations of our voices are richly powerful and support us to process and heal. 

I’ve always been interested in the truths that voices bring through creativity.”